I was born in 1967 in the north of Lower Saxony and grew up in right the “mother country” of Hanoverian horse breeding. After learning the trade of a hotel clerk and studying economics and spending a few years in Australia, I — quite literally — changed saddles. I need fresh air, I don’t mind if it smells like horses — and I wanted my professional future to involve horses. I’ve always been fascinated by anatomy, and through my own mare Wonne I experienced how many ways there are for a physiotherapist to improve a horse’s well-being.
Thus I decided to start a training class and become an equine physiotherapist. From 2003 to 2005, I attended the “German Institute for Equine Physiotherapy” in Dülmen near Münster. My practical work confronts me with new and different problems and challenges every day. So I realized very soon that such a training class can only be a beginning and that in my job I can never stop being curious, I constantly need to further my education, and I have to widen my repertoire whenever necessary and possible. I acquired several physical therapy devices such as a magnetic field therapy blanket and an SET device, and an additional class in acupuncture that I took in 2007 has widened my horizon significantly. An experienced horseman (or woman) knows that as a rider you never stop learning — and that very sentiment is the core and the joy of my work as an equine physiotherapist as well.

Martina Rosenhagen