SET / Wave Extension Therapy


Das SET-Gerät ist ein Massagestab mit einem rotierenden Rollenkopf, der von Tierärzten, Pferde-Osteoherapeuthen und -Physiotherapeuten zusammen mit Medizintechnikern entwickelt wurde.

  The SET device is a massaging tool with a head of rotating rolls. It was developed by veterinarians, equine osteopaths and physiotherapists in cooperation with medical engineers. Its rhythmical rotations stimulate all tissue layers — from hide to hypoderm to connective tissue, muscles and periosteum –, thus loosening and removing muscle knots, tissue agglutinations, scars, pressure-sensitive or swollen areas. schwThe treatment increases the blood-flow, leading to a faster removal of toxins and cell waste and a better oxygenation of the massaged areas. It also helps to improve the signal transfer within and to the muscle tissue.
I use the SET device to massage the large muscle groups (back, croupe, ischium, shoulder girdle, lateral neck muscles), also after intense training or as a pleasant and beneficial way to prepare for competition. With the help of a second, smaller set of rolls I can also assist the healing processes of finer structures such as tendons.